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The real estate industry is the single largest asset class in the world, valued at $333 trillion globally and impacts almost each person anywhere around the world.  THe industry has undergone a digital transformation with IoT, big data analytics, and blockchain. This connectivity generates valuable data on energy consumption, occupancy, and preferences. Additionally, real estate is in the midst of disruption through tokenization which is changing the way we invest in real estate.  A Digital Web3 Property ID is needed to efficiently connect real estate to the digital world and future financial world while protecting privacy.


This ID would enable secure data exchange, integration with various platforms, and ensure data privacy.

لماذا هناك حاجة لمعرّف رقمي خاص بالعقار؟

تعد صناعة العقارات أكبر فئة أصول فردية في العالم ، حيث تقدر قيمتها بنحو 333 تريليون دولار على مستوى العالم وتؤثر على كل شخص تقريبًا في أي مكان حول العالم. شهدت الصناعة تحولًا رقميًا باستخدام إنترنت الأشياء وتحليلات البيانات الضخمة و blockchain. ينتج عن هذا الاتصال بيانات قيمة عن استهلاك الطاقة والإشغال والتفضيلات. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، فإن العقارات في خضم الاضطراب من خلال الترميز الذي يغير الطريقة التي نستثمر بها في العقارات. مطلوب معرف خاصية Web3 الرقمي لربط العقارات بكفاءة بالعالم الرقمي والعالم المالي المستقبلي مع حماية الخصوصية.

Real Estate Passport to Web3.0

A Web3 enabled Property ID would allow property owners to claim ownership of their data and monetize it through permissioned zero-knowledge proof. This would enable property owners to share their data with authorized parties while maintaining their privacy.

Additionally, a Web3 enabled Property ID would also enable property owners to monetize their data by selling it to third-party companies or even through tokenization.

But the benefits of a Web3 enabled Property ID extend beyond monetization. Such an ID would also enable better data management and security. With a Web3 enabled Property ID, property owners would have full control over their data and who has access to it. This would ensure that the data is used in a fair and transparent manner, and that property owners are in control of their data and privacy.

Furthermore, a Web3 enabled Property ID would also enable better compliance with ESG regulations and compliance. Regulators could use the ID to enforce regulations and incentivize compliant properties. Additionally, the ID could also be used for real estate taxation, allowing for a more seamless and efficient process.

Give your Property its Web3.0 digital identiy

Unlocking Global Real Estate with Web3 Enabled Digital ID

Want to connect your property to the internet while maintaining privacy? Want to own your real estate's data? want to monetize your own data? A web3 enabled property ID is what you need.  This is developed specifically for properties - just like many things of value, your real estate is going to need a web3 enabled ID to safely interact and partake in the imminent wealth creation through digitzation. 

Watch the explainer video to learn more

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